It is becoming exceedingly obvious that ABDL is discriminated against on some social media and even publishing sites. We just had our Tumblr account terminated for the third time for apparent breaches of their rules and yet as the many, many people who have had their ABDL accounts terminated will confirm, their reasons are bogus. While you can still see a considerable amount of porn still on Tumblr, ABDL content is consistently removed and no ACTUAL reason given. You can check out our new tumblr account here... is very anti-ABDL and doesn't even pretend and openly bans ABDL content. Not a lot of fun trying to adhere to rules and still getting terminated for reasons that are never explained. We will once again run a backup tumblr account for that inevitable moment when some anti-ABDL clown terminates this one. have fun!
 I've been co-editing a new upcoming book The Connecticut Baby by Barry Oliver. Barry is never a formulaic author and like many, I simply loved his Regression Quadrilogy. This book contains diaper-wearing but it is mainly about a young man who ends up time-travelling back 90 years into the body of a 2-year-old boy.  You will all like it and it will be released soon but here is the address:
It is truly ironic that while you northern hemisphere ABDls are melting in record heat, use Southern Hemisphere mummies and babies are FREEZING. Feel free to email us about ten degrees of heat, okay?
  It's true. Babying your partner will bring great rewards and Gwendoline explains how to do it! I speak as one of these 'mummies!'